1.Concept of development: Intentions move the world
Huashang staff is led by the enterprise’s concept of development of “Intentions move the world” to develop the enterprise attentively and poses the ambition of creating a human oriented and harmonious modern enterprise. Based on our main business and looking into the future, Huashang Tianrui has established the long-term development strategy and planning to welcome the new challenges as always. The prospective vision, the business concept of seeking excellence and the unremitting efforts of a professional management team make Huashang Tianrui become one of the best investment groups of the sector. 
2.Concept of management: Culture influence, human- oriented management 
Huashang Tianrui believes that the supremacy of enterprise management is to influence the employees with the enterprise’s culture. The influence of the enterprise’s culture will help employees to agree on the value and the concept of the company and to stimulate the employees’ hard-working spirit and loyalty to the company. Meanwhile, the company launched a set of comprehensive and human- oriented system to regulate the daily behavior of employees in order to realize the objective management and guarantee the smooth development of different jobs. 
3.Concept of talents: Reasonable assignment, maximizing the role of talents 
 Huashang Tianrui always chooses talents from the functional point of view. The criteria for the selection and assignment of staff in each position is not only the self-excellence but also the adaptation to the development of the company. The company pays close attention to the practice ability of the employees and tries its best to provide a development space for the employees to improve their own competence and skills so that they can develop and make progress together with the company.
4.Concept of behavior: Integrity, optimist, active and forward-looking
The integrity is an excellent cultural tradition inherited from thousands of years ago and always cared by people. Today in such a material time, integrity becomes more precious. Huashang Tianrui always put on the first place the integrity during the operation of the company and pay attention to their integrity in selecting employees. In front of a frustration, the employees should face it with optimistic and active attitude and learn a lesson from it to enrich personal experience.


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