On March 8, Qingdao Economic & Technological Development Area Women Entrepreneurs Association hosted a “built heart. Bloom youth” themed annual celebration for Women's Day in Howard Johnson Kangda Plaza Qingdao. Wangyan, Qingdao West Coast New District Party Standing Committee, Minister of United Front Work Department, Sunzhaoxu, deputy Minister of United Front Work, New District Chamber of Commerce President, etc. attended the event.

Women Entrepreneurs Association commends outstanding units and advanced individuals who have made outstanding contributions throughout the year at the celebration. Yangpingping, group general manager, president of Chamber of Commerce won the 2017 "Charity Charity Award". Wangzhiqin, director of group office, deputy secretary general of chamber of commerce won the "Love Devotion Unit" Award. As president unit, our group actively organizes participation in various activities of the Chamber of Commerce, cooperate s with the various tasks assigned by the chamber of commerce and promotes the smooth development of the chamber of commerce. Yangpingping made a review of the 2017 work and the outlook for the New Year at the celebration. She said that the Chamber of Commerce in the new year will continue to do a good job of member services and social services and give full play to the "bridges and ties" of the Chamber of Commerce, in order to create a better platform for the development of all members, to make greater contributions to social welfare.


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