In July 19th, Shandong Guanxian County Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Wang Baozhuang led the Guanxian delegation to observe the exam and visit the West Coast Economic area. The first stop of the delegation is to visit our company, group chairman Wang Shumin, general manager Yang Pingping received warmly, and discussed in the company meeting room. CPPCC Vice Chairman, Federation Chairman, President of the chamber of Commerce Wang Bo participated in the discussion and detailed introduction to the guests of the new district planning, investment policy, and hoped to play a friendly cooperation between industrial and commercial ties, strengthen economic cooperation and friendly exchanges, meanwhile welcomed Guanxian enterprises to participate in the West Coast district economic development, create favorable conditions for the two companies exchanges and trade cooperation. Chairman Wang Shumin warmly welcomed the arrival of the leaders and delegation of the home, and expressed the desire to strengthen cooperation with the home enterprises in the future and seek common development. Wang Baozhuang highly affirmed about the development of our company, and praised Wang Shumin as chairman of the Guanxian youth outstanding entrepreneurs who concerned about home construction and economic development, for the construction and development of hometown matchmaking, suggestions.

20 days and 21 days, accompanied by the delegation in Huangdao District Federation of industry and commerce under the leadership of the tour of the West Coast District Planning Museum, Dongjiakou Economic Zone, Guzhenkou civil military integration demonstration area, Bright Moon Seaweed Group, Baojing Steel Processing and Distribution Company and Sino - German Ecopark.

District Party Committee Standing Committee, working committee, United Front Work Department Minister Wang Yan, deputy secretary of the United Front Work Department of the district Party committee, Party Secretary of the Federation of industry and Commerce party secretary Sun Zhaoxu met with guests and gave a discussion.


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