Wang Shumin, male, born in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province in February, 1961, is Chairman of Qingdao Huashang Tianrui Group, member of 12th Qingdao People’s Political Consultative Conferences, vice president of the first session of a new social class representatives ' Association in Qingdao Development Zone, director of Private Enterprise Association, standing member of Federation of Commerce and Industry, member of Qingdao Fourth intellectuals Association, Qingdao outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics, excellent representative of Qingdao personages without party affiliation. Wang, the founder of Qingdao Huashang Tianrui Group which plays a leading role in the region and the industry, is a successful entrepreneur in Qingdao Development Zone after two decades of hard work. At the end of 1990, Wang, who was working for Guanxian County People's Government, paid a visit to Qingdao Development Zone on behalf of Guanxian Ccounty government and established Guanxian offices to Qingdao in 1991and served as deputy director. Afterward, wang founded a trading company to maintain the normal operation of the Office and formed an early real estate company in the Development Zone. The Guanxian Office to Qingdao serves as a bridge in economic exchange and resource complement between West Shandong and Qingdao Economic Development Zone. From 1991 to 1993, Wang in sequence introduced 24 enterprises to the Development Zone from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan as well as inland China and nearly 10 thousand people to work and start business in Huangdao. He has made great contribution to the investment attraction in Qingdao Economic Development Zone and the exchange between inland Shandong and Qingdao as well as the economic development of GuanxianCounty. Qingdao Daily and Hope and Development Zone TV Station have reported his story. The office for three consecutive years has been assessed as advanced units to Qingdao by the Qingdao Municipal Government. Wang, bearing in mind the spirit to dedicate to the society, continues to contribute to the economic development of the Development Zone. Besides enterprise management, scale and profits, Wang also attaches importance to public undertakings and corporate social responsibility as well. Equipped with exhibition rooms, sports rooms and reading rooms, the demonstration base for new social class in Qingdao Development Zone was founded by Wang who was then a member of Qingdao intellectuals Association and vice president of the first session of a new social class representatives ' Association in Qingdao Development Zone. He actively participated in the public service activities such as organizing personage from new class service week, visiting nursing home for the aged, supporting poor students and disadvantaged groups, providing jobs, consulting services, visiting troops stationed in Huangdao. As the sole representative of Huangdao District, his good deeds were written into Good Deeds Collection of Qingdao Personages without Party Affiliation by Qingdao Municipal United Front Work Department in 2008. As a member of Qingdao People’s Political Consultative Conference, he served as a bridge of communication between the civilians and the Government and played a leading role in political participation and democratic supervision and made contribution to the construction of the national first-class development zone. He, an outstanding member of Huangdao District People’s Political Consultative Conference, is also an advocator of urban development and public undertaking. “Not only do we focus on the enterprise development, but also care about urban development. The enterprises can benefit only from the scientific development of city which can create a good business environment for enterprises.” he said. His word is the best interpretation for social responsibility as a Qingdao People’s Political Consultative Conference member.

Wang seriously performed his duties as a member of Qingdao People’s Political Consultative Conference and actively participated in political activities and should social responsibility during the construction of “Five Sectors” in Qingdao Development Zone. To welcome the opening of Jiaozhouwan Bridge and Undersea Tunnel, he, with more than 0.7 million Yuan, jointly organized “Bridge and Tunnel Construction and Urban Development” forum with the Urban Development Research Base of the Jinan University. Qingdao Urban Development Leading Forum, the first forum of the likes, is held annually with the target to explore experience in speeding up the formation of the central city framework of the metropolitan of Qingdao and Shandong Peninsula marine economic scientific development demonstration by joint efforts of enterprises, professional and academic institutions and government departments. As the chief editor, Wang compiled the research achievements titled Exploration of Bridge and Tunnel Construction and Urban Development by the experts and scholars to serve the urban economy development in a better way.
Li Qun, standing member of CPC Shandong Committee, secretary of Qingdao fully endorsed the forum and wrote the preface for the proceedings in person.” It is significant to hold Bridge and Tunnel Construction and Urban Development forum which can offer help to the decision-making of all parties. Focusing on Qingdao’s development in the Bridge and Tunnel era, the group of high-level experts and scholars attending Bridge and Tunnel construction and Urban Development Forum discussed a series of hot issues such as the development strategy of the urban space, optimization of urban transportation system, development of modern service industry and others on the basis of actual cases at home and abroad. The new ideas and suggestions proposed are important reference for Qingdao’s scientific decision-making. The publication of the proceedings enable more readers to read, study, learn more about the bridge and tunnel construction and care about the development of Qingdao”, said Li in his preface.
It is only after the successful closing of Bridge and Tunnel Construction and Urban Development forum that the people realized that the study achievements by Wang on the reform of traffic, tourism, technology, talent caused by bridge and tunnel era have been verified one by one. The impact of the book on the opening of bridge and tunnel and the prediction of urban development is proven to be advanced and forward-looking.
Wang is concerned about urban development and dares to should social responsibilities. He resolutely dedicates himself to the development of Qingdao Development Zone without caring about the achievements and honors he achieved.
 He keeps a close eye to the development of social culture, and has supported
cultural undertakings of Qingdao Development Zones with the annual donation of 100,000 Yuan for numerous times. He, with many achievements in literature, is currently a member of Association of Chinese essayist and was honored as Qingdao Scholarly Family. He had his essays published on Qingdao Daily, Shandong Youth, Shandong Literature. In January 2010, Youth Quality, a collection of proses by Wang was published. Shandong Provincial Writers' Association held a special seminar to study aesthetic value of his proses and spoke highly the works. “Wang’s writing reflects cultural self-regulation in the business operations. The businessman Wang Shumin is a cultural bloom in a materialistic society”, they remarked.
 Wang Shumin with his wisdom and love, not only runs a vibrant , thriving Qingdao Huashang Tianrui Group, but spreads a sense of social responsibility throughout the West Coast and his success results from his endless love for others, society as well as the nation…


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